Did You Know? Surprising Trivia about Singer Taylor Swift
» » Did You Know? Surprising Trivia about Singer Taylor Swift

Did You Know? Surprising Trivia about Singer Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an international best-selling artist who is best known for her pop-country music, her breakup ballads and anthems, and her occasional foray into the Hollywood industry. But how much do you really know about this young and successful singer? Let’s take a look at some interesting trivia about Taylor Swift that may just surprise you!

She has admitted to having stress dreams



Swift admitted in an interview that she has frequent ‘stress dreams,’ or dreams that cause an intense feeling of stress during sleep and immediately after awakening; she has said that she gets them more frequently before big performances. The most frequent subject of these stress dreams is the idea of being arrested for a crime that she didn’t commit.

She has her own koi fish pond

Her expansive apartment in Nashville, Tennessee has a very unique feature: its very own personal pond! The pond is stocked with koi fish, which are a popular choice among people who enjoy decorative ponds.

Her 22nd birthday party was loud—too loud!

Swift is not really known for being a wild party girl, but even this singer has her moments. The celebrations for her 22nd birthday party got so loud and out of control that her neighbors called the police and filed a noise complaint! Upon receiving the complaint, Swift quickly dialed things down.

She only likes to collaborate with artists who will get together in person

Swift has done frequent collaborations with other singers and musicians, but the singer only likes to collaborate when it will be possible for them to get together in person. She feels that there needs to be a personal connection between herself and the other artist, which can’t be achieved through emails or even talking on the phone.

She was heavily inspired by her grandparent’s marriage

ts-grandparentsMany of Swift’s most romantic songs were inspired by the 51 year marriage of her grandparents. Her grandparent’s marriage ended when they died only a week apart from each other. Swift has credited their long lasting relationship as a great inspiration to her, not just personally but for her music as well.

She’s opened for numerous superstars

During the earliest stages of her career, Swift was an opening act for many different country music superstars. She opened up for artists like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, George Strait and Rascal Flats. Click right here to find more entertainment options.



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