3 Things Once Upon a Time Should Fix
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3 Things Once Upon a Time Should Fix

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Once Upon a Time is still doing very well in its Sunday night ratings, and it continues to be one of the more popular family shows on television. However, the writing in Once Upon a Time is not always the best aspect of the show—in fact; the show’s writing is frequently the most criticized element of Once Upon a Time!

Once-upon-a-timeHowever, there are ways that the show’s writers can fix some of the many problems that critics and even fans have noticed in the show’s latest seasons. The following are three things that the writers should consider fixing in order to improve the quality of Once Upon a Time.

Stop recycling the same types of character development

Regina is evil, now she’s not, Regina is evil, now she’s not—the show has recycled the same character development and regression for Regina about four times now and, quite frankly, it just isn’t working any more. The show can’t work if all of the characters don’t evolve and change. Even when the show does depict characters changing, such as Regina finding her own inner goodness in the last season, the writers seem to forget that development ever happened and have the characters retrograde at the drop of a hat.




Don’t forget the show’s fairytale roots

Once Upon a Time’s first season was a success partly because it tapped into something that the audiences loved in their heart: fairy tales. The show managed to weave popular fairy tales into the storyline in a way that made them fresh, interesting and compelling. Recently, the show seems to have forgotten its fairy tale roots—the writers should be focusing more on these fairy tale elements.

Refocus on existing characters instead of constantly introducing new ones

Once Upon a Time is notorious for introducing characters and storylines—then completely dropping them. The wraith storyline was essentially forgotten as soon as the writers wanted to focus on something else; characters, such as Cinderella, Ruby, the Blue Fairy and Mulan are missing or only present for the occasional line or two. And yet the show continues to introduce new characters despite the fact that the old characters barely any screen time as it is. Instead of constantly giving the viewers new characters, they should refocus the show on the existing characters that viewers have come to love.



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